New Books and Journal Articles for November 2010

A selection of new books to arrive in the library during November:

A Closer Look at Frames by Nicholas Penny, The National Gallery Company Limited, London, 2010 95pp
ISBN: 978-1-85709-440-4A Closer Look: Frames (National Gallery Company)
Frames often catch the eye of visitors to galleries, yet labels and catalogues rarely comment on them, Nicholas Penny, the Director of the National Gallery, conveys his interest in the history of frames, the design and techniques of frame-making, what frames do for paintings and the part they play in an interior. The emphasis is on their changing function as well as the different styles, materials and techniques involved.

Materials for Conservation: Organic consolidants, adhesives and coatings by Velson Horie (Charles Velson), (second edition), Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, 2010, 489pp
ISBN: 978-0-75-066905-4 Materials for Conservation on ScienceDirect(Opens new window)
Materials in Conservation is the definitive introduction to the properties of materials used in conservation. The continual struggle of conservators to ameliorate the deterioration of objects has led to increasing use of synthetic polymers. These materials are part of the sophisticated technology that has been developed to augment and often replace traditional materials and methods. Conservators therefore have a wider range of techniques available. However, they must be able to appreciate the potentials and pitfalls of any proposed technique. In this second edition, this classic text is revised and updated to include modern materials such as cyclododecane, and current ideas on adhesion, consolidation and reversibility, making Materials in Conservation the definitive source of vital information in the field.

Techniques of Chinese Lacquer: the Classic eighteenth-century treatise on Asian Varnish by Filippo Bonanni, (translation and introduction by Flavia Perugini, Getty Publications, Los Angeles, 2009, 72pp ISBN: 978-0-89236-953-9Techniques Of Chinese Lacquer: The Classic Eighteenth-Century Treatise On Asian Varnish
This volume presents the first English translation of Jesuit Filippo Bonanni’s eighteenth-century treatise, considered the most important and comprehensive early study of Chinese lacquer in Europe. Long neglected in the English-speaking world, this text is an invaluable primary source for scholars and conservators working with seventeenth- and eighteenth-century varnished and lacquered works of art.

The Structural Conservation of Panel Paintings – Proceedings of a Symposium at the J. Paul Getty Museum, 24-28 April 1995, edited by Kathleen Dardes and Andrea Rothe, The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, 1998, 565pp  ISBN: 0-89236-384-3
In April 1995 the Getty Conservation Institute and the J. Paul Getty Museum sponsored an international symposium, “The Structural Conservation of Panel Paintings” at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California. The purpose of the symposium was to document the techniques, both traditional and contemporary, of panel stabilization. This book encompasses the wide range of topics covered by the speakers. After an introductory examination of wood characteristics, the papers go on to consider the technological aspects of wood, the history of panel-making techniques , and the various methods of
panel stabilization that have been developed and refined over the course of many centuries.

First Aid for Finds (third edition) by David Watkinson & Virginia Neal, RESCUE – The British Archaeological Trust and Archaeology Section of the United Kingdom Institute for Conservation with the Museum of London,1998, 108pp ISBN: 1-871656-28-1

Donations for the Chantry Library Collection include:

The Deeper Picture: Conservation at the National Gallery of Ireland by Andrew O’Connor and Niamh McGuinne, The National Gallery of Ireland, 1998, 96pp  ISBN: 0-903-162-865 (Section on paper conservation)

Photographs: archival care and management by Mary Lyn Ritzenthaler & Diane Vogt-O’Connor (with Helena Zinkham, Brett Carnell and Kit Peterson), Society of American Archivists, Chicago, 2006, 529pp ISBN: 1-931666-17-2

Caring for American Indian Objects: a Practical and Cultural Guide, edited by Sherelyn Ogden, Minnesota Historical Society Press,  2004, 258pp ISBN: 978-087351-505-4

Conservation and the Eastern Mediterranean: Contributions to the Istanbul Congress 20-24 September 2010, IIC (The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works), edited by Christina Rozeik, Ashok Roy and David Saunders, IIC, London, 2010, 284pp plus CDRom
ISBN: 0-9548169-3-5

Selection of journal articles:

Art Business Today, October 2010
Well connected
A look at whether social networking helps businesses by Annabelle Ruston pp30-33
On the record
In the mood for shopping
Annabelle Ruston finds out what art and framing retailers are planning to pull in the crowds pp34-39
John Hughes looks at how publishing has changed over 100 years pp40-43
Print perfect
The importance of image capture to producing quality fine art prints by Annabelle Ruston pp45-49
I’d wish I’d known
Mount-cutting hints and tips from Lyn Hall pp50-53
Framed to win
Four framers explain the secrets behind their award winning frames pp54-56

Book Arts arts du livre Canada (CBBAG), Vol.1, No.2, 2010
–  Profile: Getting to know Canada’s Mad Hatter: George Walker by Caleigh Minshall pp2-4
–  History of the Book: A Byzantine Binding, Part 2 by Joe Landry and Chayle Cook pp5-8
–  The Creative Process: An Exploration of Four-colour Photogravure Images for Book Works by Marlene MacCallum pp9-11
Otro Mar: une aventure en cours by Annette Hayward pp12-14
–  Gallery: Text and Image by Thekia Albrecht-Iribarne page 16
– Special Collections: Fount of Knowledge: Irish Private Press Collections at the University of Victoria by Danielle Forster pp17-20
Small Press & Print: Printing comics in Belgium by Marlene Tuen pp21-22

Conservation Perspectives: the GCI Newsletter, Vol.25, No, 2, Fall 2010
The conservation of decorated architectural surfaces: some perspectives by Leslie Rainer pp5- 10
–  Challenges and advances in training by Adrian Heritage pp10-11
The organic materials in wall paintings project by Francesca Pique pp12-14
– Mosaikon: A strategic regional program for the conservation of mosaics in the Mediterranean by Jeane Marie Teutonico pp15-17
In the tomb of Tutankhamen: a new conservation effort by Lori Wong pp18-19
Preserving in place: a discussion about the conservation of decorated architectural surfaces pp20-25
– Key Resources: Decorated Architectural Surfaces page 26

News in Conservation (IIC), No.20, October 2010
– Report back from the 23rd IIC Congress held in Istanbul
–  Do objects have biographies and careers….or do they evolve ?  by Lu Allington Jones page 2
18 months after the collapse
Georgia Iona describes the positive progress of efforts to recover from the collapse of the Historical Archives of Cologne page 3
Living technology for sustainable cities
Rachel Armstrong reveals the amazing world of metabolic materials and their potential for conservation – even to sustainably rescuing whole cities.pp4-5
Cultural Heritage Conservation – raising awareness for the future 
As part of its programme of Civic Involvement Projects, Turkey’s Sabanci University runs sessions to raise awareness of cultural heritage and its preservation among young people aged nine to thirteen. Page 6


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