Latest Journal Articles – September 2011

A selection of the latest journal articles to arrive in the Chantry Library. Icon members are entitled to 10 free copies of journal articles each year, so let me know if you find something of interest !   Email:

Art Business Today, Issue 4, August 2011
– Business: There’s definitely a right and wrong by Jason Stead
Poor quality photographs on your website is the equivalent of leaving rubbish in your shop window, argues photographer and designer Jason Stead, The good news is that the alternative is not expensive and can make a world of difference. pp.32-35
– Business: Taking over by Roger Linneker
Buying a business with regular customers and a good reputation means you can earn money from day one says property consultant Roger Linneker. However you’d be better off starting from scratch than paying too much  for an inefficient business, or one where the best customers desert once the original owner departs. pp.36-41
– Art: Material world by Annabelle Ruston
Retailers of art materials are facing still competition from online sellers and out-of-town craft superstores. Annabelle Ruston finds out how independent retailers can play to their strengths. pp 42-45
– Art: Working together
Life – the Gallery, set up by Kerry and Martin Kelly a year ago, is much more than an art gallery. Visitors can sign up for an array of art courses, watch the artist in residence ply her craft or pop by in the evening to learn more about art as an investment or the career of Dylan Thomas. pp.46-49
– Framing: Handle with care
Framing pastels, an inherently delicate medium, can present a challenge to even the most experienced framer, and author Chris A. Paschke GCF CPF provides invaluable advice and guidelines. pp.50- 53
– Framing: If at first you don’t succeed
Suzanne Parker GCF explains how she benefitted from re-taking the GCF exam. pp.54-57

Journal of PaperConservation (IADA), Vol.12, No.3, 2011
– Tyvek® in Book Conservation: It’s use in Nineteenth Century Material and Parchment Bindings by Karin Scheper  pp6-15
– Atypical Discolourations and Local Differences in Paper-Surface Structures: Investigation of the Collection of Incunabula of the Karl-Franzens-University, Graz by Ilse Entlesberger, Manfred Schwanninger, Sigrid Eyb-Green, Manfred Mayer, Wolfgang Baatz  pp16-24
Projects: Italy and Mauritania
A Project by the Autonomous Region Fruili Venezia Giulia for the Preservation of Desert Libraries by Alessandro Giacomello pp25-30
In Practice
Re-Housing of Three Dimensional Paper Objects: The Case of ‘Paper-Mâché’ Masks at the French National Library by Lucile Dessennes & Christiane Lequien pp30-34
A Method for Storing Maps Mounted on Wooden Dowels by Christina Duran Casablancas & Bas van Velzen pp34-35
Materials and Equipment
A Stacking Box for Unbound Archival Documents by Barbara Kunze page 36 

Morocco Bound (Journal of Australian Craft Bookbinders), Vol.32, No.3, Spring 2011
Teaching Bookbinding to Children by Margaret Scott pp1-2
Some Tips for Beginners by John Turner pp2-3
Street Literature Old and New by Adrienne Allen pp3-4
A Coptic Binding pp5-6

The New Bookbinder, Vol.31, 2011
(Journal of the Designer Bookbinders)
The Cockerell Tradition by James Brockman & Angela James pp.5-20
Reasons to be Cheerful – The First Twenty-five Years by Stephen Conway pp.21-28
Bookbinding – a craft in crisis ? by Miranda Hart pp.29-36
Old Italian Paper Bindings by Camencho Arregui pp.37-44
The Armenian Headband: History and Technique by Jenny Hille & Sylvie L. Merian pp.45-60
Conservation of Vellum Bindings with Tyvek® by Katinka Keus pp.61-62
Recent Bindings by Fellows and Licentiates of Designer Bookbinders edited by Vivien Frank pp.63-88
Man Booker Prize for Fiction – Shortlist Bindings 2010 pp.89-96


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