New Journal Articles – October 2011

Please find a selection of the latest journal articles to arrive in the Chantry Library below:

AIC News, Vol.36, No.5, September 2011
– Plastics are Forever: Wraps, Tools, Films, and Containers Used in Conservation by  Mary Elizabeth Haude et al.  pp1, 3-5
Health & Safety: NIOSH Sets Exposure Limits for Nano-Titanium Dioxide pp14-16
New Materials & Research: Metrics for Museum Transport: Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Museum Loans page 16

The Picture Restorer, No.39, Autumn 2011
Feature Profile: Lining Dynasties: A question of Training by Tabitha Teuma pp6-9
Treatment Feature: Moisture Treatment and Flattening of a Severely Distorted Large Format Oil Painting on Canvas without Facing or Looming by Dr. Leslie Carlyle and Diana Conde pp9-12
Presented: Lecture at the Worker’s Guild: A Technical Study of Three Paintings on a Shakespearean Theme by Henry Fuseli, RA by Caroline Rae and Dr. Christina Young pp12-15
I Remember WhenReminiscences From the Royal Pavilion, Brighton by Janet Brough  pp16-18
Material Focus: The Use of Localised Solvent Vapour in the Consolidation of Flaking Paint on an Oil Painting on Copper by Kirstin Stromberg  pp18-21
Safe and Healthy: The Use of a Portable Ionisation Detector to Measure Volatile Organic Compounds in a Paintings Conservation Studio by Tom Caley  pp21-22 & 30-31
In the Frame: Alternative Framing Methods: Reducing Stress when Framing Responsive Panels by Ray Marchant pp32-37
Where are they now ?  International Special: Catching up with Catherine Nunn, Sharon Tager, Jessica David, and Lydia Gutierrez  pp38-41
News from the Postgraduate Training Courses: The 29th Gerry Hedley Student Symposium – reviewed by Abigail Granville and Gabriella Macaro  pp42-45
Reviews: BAPCR Studio Visit – Katherine Ara Paintings Conservation & Restoration (2nd June 2011)
Conferences: The Sticking Point: Adhesives and Consolidants in Paintings Conservation, Icon Paintings Group Conference, 6th May 2011, National Portrait Gallery, London.

Print Quarterly, Vol.28, No.3, September 2011
An Addition to the Oeuvre of Wenzel von Olmütz  by Christopher Mendez page 241
An Early Forgery of the Buxheim St Christopher by Szilvia Bodnâr  pp242-244
A Little Gift from an Old Friend Dürer’s Drawings by Fra Giocondo by Arnold Nesselrath pp244-248
Jan Gossart’s Mocking of Christ: A Reversal of the States by Nadine M. Orenstein pp249-255
Niccolò Vicentino’s Miraculous Draught of Fishes by Naoko Takahatake pp256-260
Michelangelo at Fontainebleau by Catherine Jenkins pp261-265
Béatrizet’s Last Judgement, after Michelangelo, in the Courtauld Gallery by Michael Bury and Katharine Lockett pp266-271
A New State by Goltzius, with Imperial Implications by Marjorie B. Cohn pp272-275
Rome, 1610: Guido Reni after Annibale Carracci by Marzia Faietti pp276-281
An Unrecorded English Broadside Ballard of 1626 in Český Šternberk by David Paisey pp282-287
Cesare Bassano’s 1635 Siege of Valenza by Mark McDonald  pp288-292
– Cardinal Francesco Barberini and the Specula Principum Tradition by Ketty Gottardo  pp293-297
– “Washing the Ass’s Head’: Proverbial and Allegorical Prints of the Sixteenth Century by Jean Michel Massing  pp298-305
Robert Vaughan and Monumental Brasses by Simon Turner  pp305-309
Some Observations on Rembrandt’s Bathers by Martin Royalton-Kisch  pp310-314
A Rare Survivor: Francois Langot’s Christ Crowned with Thorns by David Maskill  pp314-317
– Jean Lepautre’s Forgotten Seven Cannons by Maxime Preaud  pp318-320
A Mauro Gandolfi Print Study: Lost and Found by Hugo Chapman  pp321-322
Remarks on Giambattista Tiepolo’s Scherzi by Christian Rümelin  pp322-326
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo: The Patiche as Capriccio by Peter Parshall  pp327-330
William Pennock: Retrieving an Early Eighteenth-Century Print Publisher by Malcolm Jones pp331-337
Satirical Prints by Jefferyes Hamett O’Neale by Sheila O’Connell and Rosemary Baker  pp338-344

Print Quarterly, Vol.28, No.4, December 2011
Jean-Baptiste Glomy’s Etched Borders for Drawings and Prints by Peter Fuhring  pp369-375
The Print Collection of Sir Joshua Reynolds by Donato Esposito  pp376-381
Raphael Morghen’s Inventory of the ‘Calcografia Volpato’. Taste and the Print Market in Neoclassical Rome by Georgio Marini pp382-384
Some Thoughts on Flaxman and the Engraved Outlines by Deanna Petherbridge pp385-391
Frog to Apollo: A French Print after Lavater and Pre-Darwinian Theories of Evolution by David Bindman  pp392-395
Enlightened Friendship by Frances Carey  pp396-400
– ‘Good Morning Gentlemen, What Are We Up to ?’ by Ger Luijten pp401-404
Alexander Cozens and Amateurs Drawn to Etch by Kim Sloan  pp405-409
James Hughes Anderdon’s Collectanea Biographica. An Extraordinary Collection in the Keeper’s Office by An Van Camp pp410-413

Documents on Godefroy’ Engelmann’s Chromolithographie by Tanya Szrajber pp414-418
Antoine-Augustin Renouard’s Collection of Affiches de Librairie by Chris Michaelides pp418-424
Five Lithographic Stones for Manet in 1873 by Juliet Wilson-Bareau  pp425-428
Degas and Hiroshige by Tom Rassieur  pp429-431
Reflections on Gauguin’s Woodcut Soyez amoureuses by Richard S, Field  pp432-435
The Book and Print Collector Hans Fürstenberg by Paul R. Quarrie pp435-439
A Hoytema Archive in Boston by Clifford S. Ackley  pp439-443
Boom and Bust. Notes on the Interwar British Print Bubble by Celina Fox  pp444-448
Two Bookplates by Joseph Hecht by Martin Hopkinson pp448-450
Patriotic Hellenism: A Poster for the 1948 London Olympics by Ian Jenkins pp451-455
The Influence of Hercules Segers on Post-World War II Netherlandish Printmakers by Jan Piet Filedt Kok  pp456-462
An Unknown Lithograph from Philip Guston’s Late Work by Michael Semff  pp462-463
Disguising Dürer’s Line and Other Print Transformations by Carl Fudge pp464-470
‘Geography with a Purpose’ Bea Maddock’s Terra Spiritus by Irena Zdanowicz pp471-477

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