A Selection of the Latest Journal Articles for November 2011

Latest selection of articles to arrive in the Chantry Library:

Conservation Perspectives: The GCI Newsletter, Vol.26, No.2, Fall 2011
Focus on Historic Cities
Conservation Planning: The Road Less Travelled by Francesco Siravo pp4-9
Sustainable Preservation of the Urban Heritage: Lessons from Latin America by Eduardo Rojas pp10-12
Contemporary Architecture in Historic Urban Environments by Susan MacDonald pp13-15
The Conservation of Historic Cities and Urban Settlements Initiative by Francoise Deschamps pp16-17
– Balancing Continuity and Change: A Discussion about Urban Heritage Conservation pp18-23
– Key Resources: Historic Cities page 24

Discover NLS, Issue 20, Winter 2011
Making the most of your National Library pp6-7
Beyond the Scottish Play  pp16-19
Co-curators Helen Vincent and James Loxley take Andrew Littlefield on a guided tour round a new NLS exhibition, Beyond Macbeth, that looks at people who have collected  and obsessed about Shakespeare, and the way that over the centuries the English bard has been central to Scottish cultural life.
On the Trail of the Member for Scotland
The importance of self-taught businessman and Liberal Party Member of Parliament Duncan McLaren has been overlooked for more than a century. With the help of manuscripts held at NLS, author Willis Pickard has written a new biography of the famous Scotsman.  pp20-21
Mapping the Nation
Details of a new book co-published by NLS, Senior Map Curator and co-author Chris Fleet – Scotland: Mapping the Nation. pp24-25

e-Conservation Magazine, Issue 22, November 2011
Now online and available for download at: http://www.e-conservationline.com/content/view/37/53/

Guild of Book Workers Newsletter, No. 199, December 2011
Standards of Excellence – 2011: Session Reviews
– Katherine Beaty – Islamic Bookbinding page 8
– John DeMerritt – Edition Binding: A Hybrid Approach page 9
Daniel Essig – Scratching the Surface: Disguising and Embellishing Wood page 10
– Todd Pattison – Conservation of 19th Century Publisher’s Bindings page 11
Calligraphy Report
– After the Beginning – Maintaining a Calligraphy Practice
by Beth Lee page 14
The Conservation Corner
An Overview of Dry Cleaning Tools by Tish Brewer page 18

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, Vol.50, No.1, Spring/Summer 2011
– Quantifying the Influence of Halite and Sylvite Crystallization on Capillary Water Absorption Coefficient of Sandstone by Mustafa Al-Naddaf  pp1-13
– Copal Varnishes Used on18th- and 19th-Century Carriages by Christopher Augerson   pp14-34
– Identifying Features of Effective Emergency Response Plans by Jordan Ferraro and Jane Henderson pp35-48
– A Comparative Study of Ethyl-Silicate-Based Consolidants on Earthen Finishes by Amila Ferron and Frank G. Matero pp49-72

waac newsletter (western association for art conservation), Vol.33, No.3, September 2011
Getting Closer: Conservation Detectives by Ticca Ogilvie, Megan de Silva and the Artefact Conservation Team of the National Museums Scotland pp10-13
A Useful Tool for the Repair of Gaping Tears: The RH Trecker by Laura Hartman pp14-15

Please let me know if you are interested in any of the articles listed above – chantrylibrary@icon.org.uk
Also, a quick reminder that Icon members can obtain 10 free copies of articles each year.

Ros Buck
Chantry Library



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