Latest Journal Articles – March 2012

A selection of the latest journal articles to arrive in the Chantry Library:

Arc Magazine, No.268, December 2011
Special Issue: Preservation and Conservation
Push ! Describing and Preserving the Royal College of Midwives Records by Clare Sexton pp7-9
Enjoying the Countryside for over 100 years (The Camping and Caravanning Club) by Barry Rook pp9-11
Making History: Lloyds Banking Group Timeline by Sian Yates pp12-13
Conservation and Preservation Group
Parchment and the Archives by Mark Allen pp14-16
Problems and Adaptability  (Archive Conservation) by Debby Rohan page 17
How to Preserve Parish Registers by Rachel Weldrake page 18
Conservation gets netted – by Proxy ! by Jane Pudsey pp19-20
Breakthrough in Treating Red Rot by Sharon Manitta page 20
An excerpt: the new best practice guidelines on conservation documentation by Shirley Williams pp22-23
Museum Information and Records Management Project by Sinead Wheeler page 23

The Book and Paper Group Annual, (AIC), Vol.30, 2011
Papers presented at the Book and Paper Session, AIC’s 39th Annual Meeting, May 31-June 3, 2011, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Contents page available for this volume from
Back issues online from 1982-2002:

Journal of Paper Conservation (IADA), Vol.13, No.1, 2012
Early Industrial Decorated Papers of the 19th Century: A Scientific Classification System Using Examples from the Seegers Collection by Susanne Lorenz, Maik Pertermann, Jörg Lenzner & Michael Lorenz  pp6-15
Foxing: Identification and Conservation Treatment of Stains on Two Contemporary Etchings by Meta Kojc 7 Jasna Malšsič  pp16-22
– ‘Quid Non Mortalia Pectora Cogis, Auri Sacra Fames?’ An Alternative to the Tender for Conservation Work by Andrea Giovannini  pp23-29
Antifungal Treatment of Books Using Ethanol Vapours : A Feasibility Experiment Held under Conservation Studio Conditions by Sebastien Gilot, Paulina Munoz del Campo 7 Marine Letouzey pp30-37
Materials & Equipment
Talking about Books pp37-38
Lining and Stretching Using a Silkscreen Frame page39

Print Quarterly, Vol.29, No.1, March 2012
A  Frontispiece for Galileo’s Opere: Pietro Anichini and Stefano della Bella by Jaco Rutgers pp3-12
Engravings by Jacques Fornazeris with the Arms of René Gros by Henriette Pommier pp13-21
Representant d’une grande nation: The Politics of an Anglo-French Aquatint by Amanda Lahikainen pp22-32
Shorter Notices
– Some Early States by Martino Rota by Stephen A. Bergquist  pp33-36
Prints by Gabriel Huquier after Oppenord’s Decorated Ripa by Jean-François Bédard

A quick reminder that we supply photocopies of  journal articles, chapters from books, and conference papers, which are held in the Chantry Library collection. (Icon members are entitled to claim 10 free articles each year, so please quote your membership number with your requests). Articles can be provided either as scanned pages, or in hard copy. To request items, just contact  Ros Buck, Librarian at, or  tel: 01865 251303


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