Journal articles for June 2012

The following selected journal and newsletter articles have just arrived in the Chantry Library:

AIC News, Vol.37, No.3, May 2012
BPG Discussion Groups: That was Then, This is Now by Penley Knipe et al. page1, pp3-5
Sustainable Conservation Practice: Survey Results pp9-11

Conservation Perspectives – The GCI Newsletter, Vol.27, No.1, Spring 2012
Special Issue: Photograph Conservation
Feature article
Building Global Partnerships to Preserve Photographic Heritage by Debra Hess Norris, Martin Jürgens, Nora Kennedy, Bertrand Lavedrine, and Paul Messier pp4-10
Preserving the Photographic Heritage of the Middle East by Sean Charette and Tram Vo pp11-13
Working with the Alternative Photographic Processes Community by Dusan C. Stulik and Art Kaplan pp14-15
by Dusan C. Stulik and Art Kaplan  pp16-18
A Discussion about Photography in the Digital Age   pp19-24
A list of key resources related to photograph conservation   page 25

Guild of Book Workers Newsletter, No.202, June 2012
31st Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding, Salt Lake City, Utah – October 11-13, 2012 (Schedule of Events; Registration details).

IDP News, No.39, Spring 2011
On Stein’s Tracks in the Taklamakan page 1
The Niya Ruins Today by Idris and Anwar Abulkasim pp2-3
House-building in Ancient Nija by Rachel Roberts pp4-5
Dunhuang scrolls in the Royal Library by Bent Lerbaek Pedersen page 7

Morocco Bound, Journal of Australian Craft Bookbinders, May 2012
Binding Books in Leather by David Newbold  page  1
Sheepskin – Why is it a Problem ? by John Turner pages 2 and10
Paring Leather presented by David Millhouse: An introduction to paring leather and the English paring knife  page3
Pictorial Colour Enhancement of Vegetable Tanned Leather by Cheryl Earl  page 4
Binding in Leather ? Then consider….by Ted Chapman pp5-8
What’s wrong with Bookbinding Leather Anyway ? A thought provoking article by Book Conservator by Karen Vidler  pp8-10
– Italian Incunabula by Jean Riley  pp10-16
(Article reprinted from the August 1996 issue of Morocco Bound)

A quick reminder that we supply photocopies of  journal articles, chapters from books, and conference papers, which are held in the Chantry Library collection. (Icon members are entitled to claim 10 free articles each year, so please quote your membership number with your requests). Articles can be provided either as scanned pages, or in hard copy. To request items, just contact  Ros Buck, Librarian at, or  tel: 01865 251303


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