New Conference Papers for the Chantry Library

Two new recent additions for the Chantry Library collection:

Contributions to the 2012 IIC Vienna Congress, (10-14 September 2012): The Decorative: Conservation and the Applied Arts, IIC Director of Publishing, Joyce H. Townsend,IIC (The International Institute for Conservation),London, Maney Publishing, London, 2012, 391pp. ISBN: 978-1-907975-77-6
The 2012 Congress focussed on a topic that is uniquely well-suited to Vienna’s wealth and breadth of decorative and applied arts heritage. Ornament and decoration have been evident in human endeavour since the beginning of human history, ranging from the bold clarity of ancient Egypt to the great period of Jugendstil and the Vienna Secession around 1900 and on to the exuberant revivals of today. Wherever civilisations have developed, many of their forms of cultural expression can be considered as ‘decorative’ or ‘applied’ arts. The congress topic coincided with Vienna’s Klimt 2012 celebrations, on the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gustav Klimt.

The decorative and applied arts have contributed greatly towards both the practical and the social aspects of everyday life as they have responded to contemporary needs and material inventions. However, technologically innovative aspects of the artifacts produced have sometimes been underrated, while their aesthetic qualities have been studied intensively. The multidisciplinary approach of conservators can help to unravel the fascinating story of some of these artifacts in their original context. Details of the conference papers, and posters :  (scroll down page for details)

The Artist’s Process: Technology and Interpretation (Proceedings of the fourth symposium of the Art Technological Source Research Working Group), edited by Sigrid Eyb-Green, Joyce H. Townsend, Mark Clarke, Jilleen Nadolny and Stefanos Kroustallis, Archetype Publications, London, 2012, 217pp.  ISBN: 978-1-904982-73-9
The overall theme of this volume is the artistic process as manifested in the artwork itself and as documented in visual and written sources. While many of the papers look at the work of 19th and early 20th century painters, other topics include Baroque decoration, the controversy about paints in Germany in the early 20th century, and non-traditional oils in artists’ oil paints. The many editions of Theophilus’ Schedula diversarum arcium and Alessio Piemontese’s Secreti are listed and discussed. A number of sources that have previously received relatively little attention from scholars of art technology are considered, such as lawsuits, realia, diaries, and the use of modelling techniques from other fields that could be usefully applied to source research to give a clearer picture of the actual trends of development and use of new materials and technologies.

The artists whose works are examined include: Alonso Berruguete; Pedro Cabrita Reis; Goya; van Mander; the goldsmith Wenzel Jamnitzer; the pastel painter Rienk Jelgerhuis; Van Gogh; Edvard Munch and Lyonal Feininger.   Further details, and contents:

For more details of the conference papers listed above, please contact:


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