Restaurator – latest edition

Restaurator, Vol.33, Nos. 3&4, 2012
Editorial by Irene Brückle and Gerhard Banik pp221-222
Bleaching in Paper Conservation by Anthony W. Smith pp223-248
An Evaluation of Historic Bleaching with Chlorine Dioxide Gas, Sodium Hypochlorite, and Chloramine–T at the Fogg Art Museum by Theresa Smith pp249-273
Historical Note: Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide Bleaching at Christa Gaehde’s Studio in the 1990s by Irene Brückle pp274-286
– LIght Bleaching with HID Lamps by Janice Mae Schopfer  pp287-328
Light Bleaching with Metal Halide Lamps: Effects on Naturally Aged Paper by Marion Verborg pp329-355
– Reducing the Risks of Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching in Presence of Iron Ions in Paper by Lena Niehus, Ute Henniges, Monika Horsky, Thomas Prohaska, Antje Potthast and Irene Brückle pp356-394
Treating a Previously Bleached Artwork on Paper by Eva Hummert, Susanne Kling and Irene Brückle pp395-408
Potassium Permanganate Bleaching of an 18th –Century Hand-Coloured Aquatint Print by Martin Strebel pp409-428

A quick reminder that we can supply photocopies of  journal articles, chapters from books, and conference papers, that are held in the Chantry Library collection. (Icon members are entitled to claim 10 free articles each year, so please quote your membership number with your requests). Articles can be provided either as scanned pages, or in hard copy. To request items, just contact  Ros Buck, Librarian at, or  tel: 01865 251303


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