Journal Articles Update – March 2013

Latest journal to arrive in the Chantry Library:

Journal of PaperConservation (IADA), Vol.14, No.1, 2013
Peer- Reviewed Article
– “Drawn in the Air”: The Use of Tracings in Early Dutch Draftsmanship by Thomas Ketelsen, Carsten Wintermann  pp.10-15
The Modular Cleaning Program : An Approach for Treating Oil Stains on Paper ? by Andrea Criollo, Laetitia Desvois  pp.16-20
The Swedish Research and Development Project on Paper Conservation, Swedish Research in Paper Deterioration 1987-1994 pp.21-25
The Collapse of the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne – Four Years Later, Registration, Preservation, Re-Organisation and Conservation by Nadine Thiel, Katharina Weiler pp.26-35
Degree Works
Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torun
Joanna Kokoc  page 36
1 Assessing the Condition of Preservation of Braille Maps and Teaching Aids from the School for Blind Children in Owinska
11 Conservation and Restoration of a Fusuma – Japanese Sliding Door
– The Versatile Silkscreen Frame Revisted  pp.37-38
Materials and Equipment
– The Swivel-Jointed Bench Vice
page 38

A quick reminder that we can supply photocopies of  journal articles, chapters from books, and conference papers, that are held in the Chantry Library collection. (Icon members are entitled to claim 10 free articles each year, so please quote your membership number with your requests). Articles can be provided either as scanned pages, or in hard copy.

To request items, just contact  Ros Buck, Librarian at, or  tel: 01865 251303


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