Journal articles – July 2013

Latest journals to arrive in the Chantry Library, with selected articles:

BAPH Quarterly (The Journal of the British Association of Paper Historians), No.87, July 2013
Trew’s Weir Paper Mills, Exeter by John Pitts pp.1-5
–  Some Old Newspapers by Richard L.Hills pp.5-6
PMIL:Inspiration. The Story of an Art Installation at Saica’s New Paper Mill by Julie Dodd pp.7- 8
From Hopton Wafers to Broughton in Furness: The Story of a Bi-Coloured Label by Mike Malley pp.9-10
Recovering a Document Important to Railway History by Stephen Allen pp.10-12
Papyrus, Parchment and Paper. Part 4. Early Writing Materials in the Past by Richard L.Hills pp.13-17
Humour in the Paper Mill: Sandoz Cartoons Part 3  pp.18-19
History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 25: Printing and Printability Testers by Daven Chamberlain pp.20-27
Mystery of the Dutch Drawing ‘s Paper by Tatyana Duval pp.28-33
Vallis Clausa – a Working Paper Mill & Museum by Don Wiltshire page 33
British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No.20, 2012 pp.34-36

Also includes The Quarterly Index of articles for Numbers 81-84  pp.37-47

The Ephemerist, No.161, Summer 2013
– Balkan parrots by Mike Nicolson  pp.3-9
A secret to be found in rope by Des Pawson  page 10
Collecting the ‘ephemera of ephemera’ relating to printed board games by Adrian Seville  pp.11-17
First timers – a selection of purchases made at the Ephemera Society bazaar by ten BA Graphic Communication students from the University of Reading  pp.18-21

The Ephemerist Item of the Month:

A quick reminder that we can supply photocopies of  journal articles, chapters from books, and conference papers, that are held in the Chantry Library collection. (Icon members are entitled to claim 10 free articles each year, so please quote your membership number with your requests). Articles can be provided either as scanned pages, or in hard copy.

To request items, just contact  Ros Buck, Librarian at, or  tel: 01865 251303


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