Journal articles – December 2013

Latest journal arrivals in the Chantry Library….

Book Arts arts du livre Canada, Vol.4, No.2, 2013
Nancy Jacobi and The Japanese Paper Palace: Passion, Perseverance, and the Future of Washi pp.2-7
History of the Book: Lost and Found: An Introduction to Ancient Chinese Dunhuang Books by Art Seto pp.8-10
Gallery: Art of the Book 2013 by Jane McQuitty  pp.11-16
Conservation and Restoration: Investigating a French-Huron Dictionary by Christine McNair pp.18-20
Special Collections: Samson and Delilah and other Golden Cockerel Press books at the University of Saskatchewan by Jon Bath  pp.21-24
Review: The Maker’s Hand: Twenty books by Ken Campbell by William Rueter pp.25-27
Small Press & Print: A Brief History of Making Bread (Not Bombs) by Tara Bryan pp.28-29
Education: Enthusiasms and Eccentricities by Marlene Chan pp.30-35

Print Quarterly, Vol.30, No.4, December 2013
Albrecht Dürer, Hans Burgkmair and the Practice of Early Etching by Ashley D. West pp.379-395
Suecia antique et hodierna: An Architectural Viewbook in the Eighteenth Century by Kristoffer Neville pp.395-408
James Anderson Rose, First Major Collector of Whistler Etchings by Martin Hopkinson pp.408-422
Shorter Notices
Caught in the Act: John Bill Ricketts as Glimpsed by Thomas Bewick by Nigel Tattersfield pp.422-425
Jane Joseph’s Etchings for Primo Levi by Paul Griffiths pp.426-434


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